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Commercial Electrician
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Commercial Electrician
Hiring a commercial electrician is a wise investment for your Colorado Springs commercial property. AEG electricians are trained with your employees’ and customers’ safety in mind, so you know your business is safe with us. Our electricians will work with you to make your electrical system more efficient so you can save more on your energy bills. You will have peace of mind knowing your commercial electrical system is in good hands so you can focus on running your business. Our commercial electricians are familiar with all current electrical codes and standards so you know your electrical system is up to code.

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Commercial Services
Panel & Service Upgrades

Commercial panel upgrades are important to the safety and reliability of your business. If your business needs a new panel to comply with codes or to help your growing business thrive, call the expert electricians at Advanced Electric Group. Panel upgrades also prevent electrical fires by ensuring your panel is up to date with the latest safety standards. Our electricians will help you choose the correct size panel for your commercial building’s needs so you can focus on running your growing business.

Service Upgrades help increase the electrical capacity of a commercial building. This is often done to accommodate new equipment or tenants, make the building more attractive to renters or buyers, or comply with code. AEG can help upgrade your electrical service by increasing amperage, increasing the size of your main breaker, adding a second service entrance, or installing a transformer. Find out the best solution for your service upgrade needs by contacting us today.

Commercial Services
EV Charging Stations
Commercial EV charging stations can help attract better renters, employees, and customers to your commercial properties. This makes your commercial property more attractive and valuable in the current competitive market. The expert electricians at AEG can install the EV Charging station your commercial property needs. Contact us now if you are considering installing EV charging stations at your commercial property.
Commercial Services
Sign Power

Adding a lit sign with power to your commercial property increases visibility and attracts customers to your business. AEG can help power your business signs by running power for your neon signs or LED signs or installing outdoor lighting for your backlit or spot-lit signs. Want more outdoor lighting options? Contact us now.

Commercial Services
Tenant Finish
Advanced Electric Group can provide custom tenant finish to your commercial property’s electrical system. We will customize your electrical remodel or build-out to suit your tenant’s business needs. We provide a variety of remodeling and build-out services. Contact us now for a custom estimate for your tenant’s electrical build-out.
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Commercial Services
Lighting Retrofit &
Lighting Upgrades
A commercial lighting retrofit allows you to update your commercial space, increase your energy savings, improve light quality, and comply with newer lighting codes. AEG can handle all your lighting retrofit needs from replacing individual fixtures to reconfiguring your lighting system.
Lighting upgrades are a great way to improve the safety, efficiency, and appearance of your commercial property. AEG can provide many different types of lighting upgrades. Call us today to discuss your lighting upgrade project.
Commercial Services
Low Voltage Installations
AEG can help with low-voltage installations including data communication systems, phone and internet lines, and other applications including doorbells, and garage door openers.
Commercial Services
Surge Protection
Whole-building surge protection is a great option for commercial buildings. This type of surge protection is installed at the main electrical panel and protects all of the electrical equipment in the building. If you are interested in a whole building surge protector for your commercial property contact AEG now.
Motion Sensor
Motion sensor lights for security and energy saving.
Light Replacement
Replacing older light bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs.
Dimmer Switches
Installing dimmer switches to create a calmer atmosphere.
New Lighting
Installing new lighting fixtures for better light quality.
Security Lighting
Installing security lighting to keep your business safe.
Commercial Services
Parking Lot Lighting
If you want to add additional safety and security to your exterior Advanced Electric Group can help with your light pole installations and other exterior lighting needs.
Commercial Services
Air Conditioner Power

Ensure your air conditioner power source is ready to get your commercial property through the hottest summer days by scheduling an inspection or installation with the licensed professional electricians at AEG. We ensure you have the required power needed and the required permits. We coordinate with your HVAC professional. Contact us now to schedule a consultation, estimate, or installation.

Commercial Services
Lighting Controls
Commercial lighting controls allow you to control your lighting system more efficiently. AEG can install or upgrade lighting controls for your commercial lights to help you save energy and improve safety.