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Residential Electrician
Colorado Springs

Advanced Electric Group can handle all your residential electrician needs in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Teller County and surrounding areas. Our residential electricians specialize in the installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems. We provide a variety of services for residential new construction, remodeling, repairs, safety inspections, and troubleshooting small or large problems around your home.

Residential Services
Panel & Service Upgrades

If you find yourself flipping breakers from overloaded circuits, planning a remodel that includes new additions or adding upgraded appliances in your home you may need to speak to an expert about residential panel upgrades.

Residential panel upgrades, the process of replacing your old or outdated electrical panel with a new panel, is usually done to bring your residence up to code during a remodel, increase the amperage of the panel before adding a new addition to your home, or to add new circuits to the home. Bringing in a licensed and insured electrician to inspect your panel and help with any necessary upgrades is vital to the success of your residential build or remodel.

When choosing and installing your residential panel upgrade your qualified AEG electrician will ensure your new panel is compatible with your existing wiring and make sure you have all necessary state and local permits and inspections. Upgrading your residential panel is a wise investment that can help improve the safety and value of your home during and after a remodel or renovation.

Residential Services
Electric Service Upgrades

Electrical service upgrades prepare your home for new projects or improve the safety of your electrical system. A service upgrade increases the amperage of your electrical systems and may involve additional wiring, changing the outside meter socket, upsizing the main breaker, or new ground wiring. Any service upgrade requires a panel upgrade as well. When adding new appliances, additional electrical fixtures, or preparing for new residents or additions to your home, you may need an electrical service upgrade. Your qualified AEG electrician will make sure your new service is compatible with the existing wiring in your home.

Service upgrades can be costly, but with the number of electronics in the typical home growing, it is wise to make sure your electrical service can handle the current demand for electricity in your home. Upgrading your service can help you avoid overloading your system. Call us now to schedule an evaluation to see if your home needs a service upgrade to help ease the service burden and ensure your electrical service is up to code. Let Advanced Electric Group check if you need to upgrade before any new additions to your appliances or square footage.

Residential Services
EV Charging Station

Have the convenience of charging your electric vehicle at home by installing an EV charging station in your garage, driveway, or to the outside of your home. AEG handles installations of both level 1 and level 2 electric vehicle charging stations. Our electricians will make sure your home’s electrical service and panel are ready for your charging station and discuss any changes or upgrades that might be needed to ensure a hassle-free installation. Not sure what kind of charging station you are interested in?Visit our EV charger installation page for more information. Adding an EV charging station is a great way to make the most of your EV investment.

Looking for commercial EV charging stations? Check out our electrical services for Commercial properties.

Residential Services
New Build Homes

Our qualified electricians will help you ensure your new build homes have safe and reliable electrical systems. AEG Electricians provide top-quality work throughout your new single-family or multi-family home build so you know your electrical system meets the needs of your current build with room for future additions and growth.

Our services include the full design-build lifecycle:


Residential Services

Advanced Electric Group handles all residential troubleshooting concerns. If you need help troubleshooting a faulty switch or nonfunctioning outlet give AEG a call. Our electricians can troubleshoot your electrical issues large or small and trace the problem back to the start to get you a fast and safe fix for your issue.

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Residential Services
Lighting Installation

Our electricians handle lighting installation jobs for your home interior or exterior. From installing a new light fixture to major changes to your interior lighting, AEG can help you complete your lighting home improvement projects safely and quickly. For exterior lighting projects, AEG can help you install lighting to exterior walls, landscape lighting or throughout your property. AEG can handle any lighting installation project you can imagine. For estimates on lighting installation to your home’s interior or exterior call us today!

Residential Services
Smoke Detector Installation

Give yourself the peace of mind of quality smoke detector installation so you know your home has the best possible system to keep your family safe. Many people do not know that your smoke detectors should be replaced every 10 years as recommended by the National Fire Protection Association. Our electricians can inspect your current system and help you decide if wired or battery-only smoke detectors are needed for your home. With professional smoke detector installation, you know your home is up to code and as prepared as possible for the future.   

Residential Services
Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans can help lower cooling bills and keep you comfortable, but ceiling fan installation can be intimidating. Our electricians will have your fan installed quickly so you can enjoy the breeze stress-free. Looking for more residential installation help? Check out all our lighting installation options and contact us today!

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Residential Services
Exhaust Fan Installation

An exhaust fan installation is a great option to remove moisture, heat, and odors from your home improving your comfort and health. From whole house fans to help you beat the heat to kitchen or bathroom exhaust fans to remove moisture and smoke from your house, AEG will handle the electrical work required to power your fans so your contractor or handyman can easily install them.

Residential Services

Circuit Addition

When adding new appliances or electrical fixtures to your home you might need an additional or dedicated circuit to guarantee your electrical system can handle the new load. An overloaded circuit can be a fire hazard. Adding a new circuit to avoid overloading your system improves the safety of your home and prepares your home for future additions and growth. Planning a new home addition or appliance? Contact AEG to see if your electrical system is ready.

Residential Services
Fix After
Electrical Inspection

Advanced Electric Group can fix the problems in your home after an electrical inspection so you can get your home back up to code.  Our qualified electricians will inspect your home and identify the existing problems allowing us to make the necessary repairs so you can quickly schedule a re-inspection with the city or county.

Residential Services
Surge Protection

Adding whole house surge protection to your home protects your appliances and electronics from damage caused by sudden power surges. This protection extends the life of your electronics and saves you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damages. Give yourself peace of mind by having AEG add surge protection to your home.

Residential Services
Air Conditioner Power

Make sure your new or replacement air conditioner has power this summer by having a qualified electrician install the required circuit for your air conditioner. AEG can make sure your air conditioner has the power it needs to keep you cool on the hottest summer day.