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Upgrade Electrical
Panel & Service

If you need to upgrade your electrical panel or service, the expert electricians at Advanced Electric Group can help you every step of the way. An upgraded electrical panel or service can provide more power, improve safety, and offer peace of mind that your home or business is ready to handle the electric burden.

Panel Upgrades

There are several things to keep in mind when choosing to make electrical panel upgrades. Most importantly, make sure you choose an electrical panel that is large enough to accommodate your current building and possible future additions to your home or business. The qualified electricians of Advanced Electric Group can help you choose the correct panel to suit your needs. Panel upgrades provide you with more power to add new appliances or electronics without overloading your electrical system.

Commercial Surge Protection

Your commercial property has more to lose when power surges strike, but adding commercial surge protection to your main electrical panel can protect your business equipment and inventory from damage. When a power surge occurs the sudden increase in voltage through your electrical system can cause damage or even destroy valuable electronic equipment, computers, TVs, and appliances. Protect your building and your business with commercial surge protection today.

Service Upgrades
Electrical service updates go beyond just upgrading your panel. Updating your service can also include adding new circuits to accommodate new appliances or electronics safely, replacing old or damaged wiring, and updating your electrical outlets to be safer and more compatible with newer electronics and appliances. A service upgrade requires a panel upgrade as well. Call us now to see if you need service upgrades for your home or business.
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Whole House
Surge Protection
Power surges can be caused by a variety of things, and a whole house surge protector can protect your home or business from all of them. When lightning strikes, power outages and surges, or overloaded systems cause a power surge sensitive equipment can be damaged or destroyed causing hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage. Call now to protect your home or business with a whole-house surge protector expertly installed by Advanced Electric Group.